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DVD - Gibberish Sets You Free! By Jeffrey Briar

DVD - Gibberish Sets You Free! By Jeffrey Briar

Gibberish Sets You Free! (Video on DVD)

By Jeffrey Briar and Many Friends (Special Appearance by Dr. Madan Kataria)

Discover the self-expressive, mind-expanding, creativity-exploding power of speaking in utter nonsense.


When you speak in words which cannot be rationally understood, there is no danger of being misunderstood. You can express anything and everything you want to! (And it’s a whole lot of fun.)

Outrageous and hysterical, these five gibberish segments (plus notes and coaching from world-renowned advocates of gibberish for joy and health) will have you speaking and enjoying gibberish, fast. Are you ready to laugh?

Gibberish 101: How to Speak Gibberish Makes it easy for anyone to speak gobbledy-gook

How to Put On an All-Gibberish Party Step-by-step instructions on creating (and marketing) the most outrageously madcap party imaginable (features guest appearances by Dr. Kataria)

Invitation to the Laughter Club In English with multiple nonsensical translations

Greetings to Madan-ji All-gibberish holler of gratitude to the Laughter Yoga Guru, Dr. Madan Kataria

International Shout-Out Laughter Yoga Teachers vigorously share the benefits of jabbering (filmed in Switzerland)

Whether it’s babbling like a baby, making animal sounds, or speaking in a foreign language you don’t actually know, Gibberish can be easy, fun - and a liberating experience.

Written/Music by: Jeffrey Briar. Featuring: Kathryn Burns, Robert Gluckson, Ruthe Gluckson, Kevin Roberts, David Sullenger, 30 Laughter Yoga Teachers in Switzerland, and Dr. Madan Kataria.

60-minute DVD

(PAL version available on request)

Jacket printed on eco-friendly recyclable paperboard

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