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DVD - Laughter Yoga with Older Adults By Carmela Carlyle

New Training DVD for Laughter Yoga Leaders and Teachers!

To watch a three minute video preview of this DVD: Click Here.

This is an ideal tool for CLYLs and CLYTs, or for anyone who wishes to integrate the healing power of laughter into their work with older adults. The almost two hour-long DVD features laughter yoga with elders at different levels of care, from four residential care communities in California. Carmela created the world's first Chair and Wheelchair Laughter Yoga Club in the world in 2007 which is also featured in this DVD.

Chapter One : Training – 45 minutes

Lecture, studio interviews and live footage with practical tips for safely adapting Laugher Yoga for older adults. Carmela leads and explains original chair fitness exercises. Overview for working with adults in diverse residential settings.

Chapter Two: Testimonials – 35 minutes

Testimonials from elders effective for promoting the benefits of Laughter Yoga. Endorsements for Laughter Yoga from eldercare, yoga and laughter yoga professionals.

Chapter Three: Introductory Laughter Yoga session – 30 minutes

Demonstrates presenting at an eldercare community new to laughter yoga.

” Carmela is an amazingly talented teacher! I am so impressed with how she manifests Laughter Yoga in different fields. With this DVD, you can now share her professional knowledge and skills in adapting Laughter Yoga for our beloved elders.”

Madan Kataria, M.D.

Creator of the International Laughter Yoga Movement

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DVD $24.95, Shipping $2.95 & Sales Tax $2.25: $30.15 total – BUY NOW

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