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Audio CD - Deep Relaxation By Jill Johnson

Audio CD - Deep Relaxation By Jill Johnson

Welcome to Deep Relaxation

This CD offers two opportunities to release stress and facilitate healing: a fifteen-minute session that’s appropriate for home or work use, and a thirty-minute session for completely letting go of stress and fatigue. The techniques used on this CD are effective and easy. They activate the relaxation response, creating a stillness of body and mind.

As a surgeon I recommend deep relaxation as a safe and effective technique for stress management and healing. Listening to Jill’s soothing voice and easy to follow instructions will help guide anyone to a deeply relaxed state.

Juliann Reiland-Smith, MD, FACS
Comprehensive Breast Care P.C., www.comprehensivebc.com

One dollar of every CD sold is donated to the Therapeutic Healing Institute, a non-profit organization. Their mission is to offer integrative healing services to cancer patients of any age, gender, ethnicity, or economic background at no charge.

For more information go to www.therapeutichealinginstitute.org.

Price: US$ 19.95 (including shipping & handling)

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