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Audio CD - Be Laughter By Laughing Laura

Audio CD - Be Laughter By Laughing Laura

Doing deep yoga breathing and laughing alone can boost your health and happiness. We lead busy lives, though, so it’s difficult to take the time for this practice. That’s why Laughing Laura's created this do-it-yourself laughter makeover to help you. On this 75 minute recording, she’ll guide you through:

Morning – 5 yogic breathing exercises followed by 15 minutes of laughter, which you can do regardless of your mood. This will kick off your day by connecting you to your own inner peace and joy.

Noon – A laughter dance party to get you moving, breathing, laughing and dancing. It will revitalize you for whatever lies ahead.

Night – Unwind at bedtime with yoga nidra, a unique form of meditation done while lying down. It induces complete relaxation of the body, mind and emotions. At the end, the music will lull you into sleep, enabling you to rest in a blissful state.

Together, these practices will help you live in the inner spirit of laughter—to not just enjoy laughter, but to be laughter in a holistic way.

Laughing Laura has revolutionized the daily practice of Laughter Yoga with this brilliant resource! Whether you’re a beginner or a Laughter Yoga professional, Be Laughter will change your life for good. I have no doubt that this will further our mission of increasing world peace through laughter.

—Dr. Madan Kataria

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