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Laughter Yoga For Beauty

Laughter Yoga For Beauty

Beauty is not looks alone – it is holistic as it encompasses both physical and mental attributes. Enhancing this wholeness of self is laughter - an elixir for wellness. It helps to outwardly reflect the inner glow of good health, happiness and joy.

The well being of people is largely dependent on fitness levels both physiologically and psychologically.  The constant struggle to cope with enormous stressors in life takes its toll on one’s appearance. Stress is the number one killer and is writ large on one’s face making one prone to untimely ageing.

Laughter Yoga benefits both body and mind. It reduces stress levels and stimulates the production of endorphins, natural opiates known for their relaxing effects.  It also helps to release muscular tension and reduce the negative physical symptoms of stress, worry and anxiety. It is an exercise that is extremely relaxing and provides a sense of calm. Certain specialists even claim that one minute of laughter equals 45 minutes of relaxation.

Besides relieving tension, laughter exercises are excellent for an overall health. They help to prevent heart disease, insomnia and depression, diminishes constipation and fatigue and reinforces the immune system – all of these if regulated and disciplined are factors that can enhance beauty. 

Laughter Yoga is the fastest growing alternative therapy for fitness, an integral part of beauty and health. Laying stress on the importance of breathing and oxygen, Laughter Yoga is well defined as the best way to increase the net supply of oxygen and boost the immune system. It flushes the lungs of stale residual air, promotes circulation in the lymphatic system, increases blood circulation, and massages the entire body mind system, which helps to cleanse the body of toxins and waste products, leaving one glowing with health and beauty.

On the psychological front, Laughter Yoga is an instant stress buster. It has the power to change the mood states by releasing endorphins and generating a feeling of mental and physical soundness, thereby sanitizing the system of negative emotions and recharging the mechanism with a positive outlook. 

Laughter Yoga Is Anti - Ageing

Laughter Yoga is anti-ageing. Laughter contractions tone the facial muscles. They increase blood supply to the face, which is why people look flushed when they laugh. The influx of blood and nutrients nourishes the skin and makes it glow. People look younger and more approachable when they laugh.

Research has proved that chronic stress can undermine the health. Constant stress restricts the cells, which stop dividing and eventually die. This is what sets off the ageing process and the symptoms become physically more apparent.

Laughter Yoga is a natural, fun and easy way to move towards good health and experience feelings of joyfulness. It has the power to unwind the negative symptoms of stress. The secret of Laughter Yoga is that the body is hardwired with powerful natural reactions to extended hearty laughter releasing a cocktail of healthful hormones and chemicals.

Laughter Yoga is fun and a simple form of exercise that makes one feel good. It provides a good workout without breaking a sweat. Twenty minutes of laughter in the morning can leave one fully refreshed and energized throughout the day. It also provides a great cardio workout without having to dress or get sweaty.

It radically reduces cortisol which is responsible for belly fat that is difficult to shed. The increased oxygen levels are great for skin and brain. Boosted endorphin levels reduce aches, pains and frown and keep the check on ‘crow’s feet.’ Laughter exercises the muscles and works out the stomach, abs, back and pelvic groups. It also massages the facial muscles and reduces wrinkles making one look much younger.

If being silly can lessen stress and cause one to relax, reduce wrinkle-causing tension on the face and makes one look more beautiful, then why not be silly and laugh off all worries and immortalize age.

Laughter has the ability to enhance and extend BEAUTY FROM WITHIN to BEAUTY OUTSIDE

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