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I Want To Start A Laughter Club. What Do I Do?

FREE! Just Do It. Laughter Clubs are fully independent, not-for-profit, non-political, non-religious and non-competitive community-based associations of diverse people where all are welcome regardless of gender, age, physical abilities, social or economic backgrounds. 

The name "Laughter Club" is a trademark of the Dr. Kataria School Of Laughter Yoga who created it and has been using it since 1995. Anybody can and is welcome to use it. The Laughter Clubs we promote are not for profit and are places where people laugh for no reason for the reasons mentioned above.
Our vision is to achieve health, joy and world peace through laughter. It is very important that you understand that Laughter Clubs are 100 per cent independent. Although the Dr. Kataria School Of Laughter Yoga greatly appreciates financial donations to help support its mission, technically there is no registration fee, no royalties or dues to pay. 

Laughter Clubs do not report to anybody and do pretty much what they want. If you mess up, misbehave and anybody gets injured or complains nobody will cover up for you so we suggest you contract your own insurance. We also strongly encourage you as well as everybody else NOT to participate or stop participating in activities you feel uncomfortable with.

Laughter Club guidelines are very straightforward:

•No jokes: Do not try to behave silly or idiotic or have people do so to laugh. This is not a comedy and we don't put anybody down in any way.
•No politics, no religion, no competitiveness: Leave the critical part of your mind at home. Laughter Clubs are for the body alone. There is nothing to explain. Just do, be, and happily chant “do be; do be do.”
•Free and public: all are welcome.
•Just laugh: Some run, others swim - we laugh.

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