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International Laughter Yoga University

The world’s first International University of Laughter Yoga and headquarters of International Laughter Clubs is coming up about 45 km from Bangalore International Airport. This will not be a conventional university giving academic degrees and diplomas; instead it will be one of its kinds to explore all aspects of human body, mind, emotions and relationships, art, culture, music and dance through the basis of unconditional laughter. We will teach, coach and train laughter leaders and teachers who will help set up thousands of laughter clubs around the world and make the whole world an extended family, thereby achieving our mission of bringing world peace through laughter.

It will be known as the University Of Living Life. As real happiness is within us and does not depend upon objects or situations in the world or mind, we will teach people how to live life from within and bring more joy into living.

What Will Happen In The Laughter Yoga University

Unlike any university, the Laughter Yoga University will have an entirely different curriculum. All departments will be an epitome of joyfulness and happiness seeking to promote inspiration, motivation and the inclination to change one’s outlook towards people and life in general. The underlying USP is to destress and find an inner self capable of coping with life’s challenges and maintaining a healthy and positive attitude of body and mind.

Here are some unusual departments proposed for the Laughter Yoga University!

Department Of Joy

The core philosophy of Laughter Yoga is to cultivate joy, and not seek happiness, which is a concept of the mind and depends upon many conditions and reasons of life. It is fleeting because even when you get something; you still want more. It is rare to find someone completely happy. In contrast, joy can be triggered by simple physical activities like singing, dancing, playing and laughing. It can quickly change the mood state by releasing certain chemicals, and can be triggered in a group easily. The university will have a full fledged Department of Joy, which will have four different sections viz singing, dancing, playing, and laughter – the basic tenets of Laughter Yoga.

1. Singing and music: While it is difficult to sing alone, it becomes easy in a group. We will integrate all types of music taken from diverse cultures and folklore not just from India but from various traditions around the world. People can learn vocal as well as instrumental music from Indian and international teachers. They can learn and perform any time they feel they are ready. The best part is that all singers will be amateur with no professional singing background. We will hold extraordinary competitions like horrible singing, gibberish singing and classical and opera singing!

2. Dancing: Like singing, dance is a physical expression of joy, which becomes easy in a group. Dancing enables people to express their emotions by body movement, and helps to release pent up feelings and lightens the mind. Initially, the emphasis will be on group dancing, but as people lose their inhibition and shyness we will encourage individual performances.

3. Play: The hallmark of the university campus will be the presence of amphitheatres and indoor theatres where people can stage plays and drama. Again, the performers will not be professional actors, as most participants will be from laughter clubs. We will teach people improvisational theatre and help them to perform on stage even if they have never done it before. In addition, there will be cultural festivals and film screening occasionally to provide the necessary exposure in the field of music and drama.

Laughter Yoga University will also promote different kinds of fun games and develop universal games which can be played without any barrier of language. We will have gibberish parties’ gibberish talking competition, party games, and theme parties.

4. Laughing: There is no one way to laugh. We will explore all possible ways that can bring more laughter in our lives; be it humor based or non-humor based. Laughter Yoga remains the mainstay of our university teaching and coaching. But we will encourage clowning, traditional plays, comedies and parodies.

Center For Holistic Healing And Integrated Medicine

No system of medicine is complete by itself. Each system has its strengths and weaknesses. While modern allopathic system is most popular, it is difficult for a common man to decide which system of healing is best suited for which kind of illness. For example, modern medicine does nothing much to cure arthritis, while there are several benefits using alternative healing systems like acupressure, acupuncture, ayurveda and homoeopathy - all non - drug systems with relatively fewer side-effects.

At Laughter Yoga University there will be a holistic healing center which will incorporate all alternate healing systems other than allopathic medicine. These integrative centers will provide guidelines to help people understand which system is most suitable. The idea is to help people reduce the intake of modern toxic medicines and drugs which mostly treats symptoms and manifestations of the disease. It does not get at the root cause of the illness and this is where all traditional healing systems help.

There will be seminars, workshops and dial-up programs to generate more awareness about health and fitness. While there will no treatment offered at the center, people visiting the university regularly can avail of our state of art health checkup facilities. The packages will include blood tests, sonography, ECG, X-ray, stress test etc. Our data system will maintain all health records for any further assessment.

We propose to have the following departments of healing:

Department of Naturopathy

According to principles of naturopathy, people frequently fall sick because of some imbalance or alteration in the body most likely due to wrong food habits, excessive alcohol, smoking and stress. These factors lead to excessive acid formation in the body which perpetuates illness by weakening the immune system. Nature peptic sciences offer a balance of acid based balance by the following methods:

a) Detoxification - this can be achieved by fasting & cleansing which includes Ayurvedic Panch karma and colon wash.

b) Using organic food to maintain pH balance- When the body is too acidic as a result of acid forming foods & and toxic food residues, disease and infections proliferate. This is especially true in cases of arthritis and rheumatic situations. The human body should be slightly alkaline in order to counter acid-forming conditions such as stress, lack of exercise, or poor dietary habits. One should include more organic food like fruits, vegetables, sprouts etc in their diet, besides exercise. As maintaining this is difficult and depends on food preparation, individual lifestyle, genetics, exercise, and mental outlook, we will have a complete monitoring system and the department will ensure that people follow a good health regime.

Department of Yogic sciences

While study of Laughter Yoga forms a major stream in the university, we will also explore different types of traditional yogic systems of the world. People will have the opportunity to learn not just about laughter, but also the basics of yoga for preventive and therapeutic purposes.

Department of Ayurveda

Ayurveda is an ancient system of healing which helps cure illnesses and maintain an internal balance. This system believes that with stress, tension, wrong food habits and lifestyle, our constitution goes out of balance leading to several physical and mental disorders. Basically, it is an outcome of the imbalance of three important doshas viz. vatta, pitta and kapha. We will set up the Ayurvedic system of diagnosing the constitution of an individual and giving the right dietary and lifestyle advice. We will also recommend and dispense basic herbs, offer Ayurvedic massages and Panchkarma to help people detox their body and mind through these ancient healing systems.

Acupuncture & Acupressure

For centuries south-east Asia and countries like Japan, Korea, China and Sri Lanka have been the hub of acupuncture and acupressure healing systems. These healing systems have proved very beneficial in cases of arthritis, chronic pain and other major ailments suffered by most people after the age of 40 or even earlier. While taking painkillers does not offer any curative properties, acupuncture and acupressure can cut down the need of painkillers significantly, thereby reducing the risk of side-effects. The university will have fully equipped acupuncture and acupressure clinics run by experts. Workshops and seminars will be organized periodically to train people how to use these methods at home. We will provide them the equipment and tools as well as suggest some common acupressure procedures available in daily life.


Though the science of homoeopathy originated in Germany, it is now popular worldwide. It is an alternative form of treatment comparatively free from side effects. It also offers the most economical form of therapy and works very well for long-term illnesses. Our homeopathic experts at the center will provide treatment for some common ailments and hold regular workshops and seminars to generate awareness and help people benefit from this system.

Department of Research & Development

One of the major objectives of the university is to conduct scientific study and research on the healing effects of Laughter Yoga and other forms of alternative healing systems. We will also work on developing new techniques, new programs based on laughter, nature cure, social sciences, behavior science and body mind medicine.

Department of Spirituality

The International Laughter Yoga University is hoping to help people attain spirituality by using non-religious methods based on spiritual laws and spiritual values. We will offer seminars, workshops and spiritual retreats based on meditation and techniques developed by experts around the world. One of the best methods of seeking spirituality is through unconditional service unto others and practice of silence. It is a general belief that the path of spiritual accomplishment is tedious. One has to meditate for years and follow an intricate course to realize God and our true nature. Based on Laughter Yoga experiences, we will explore how one can attain spirituality in a simple manner and follow spiritual values and spiritual laws to maximize potential.

Meditation is one such effective tool to attain spirituality. A wide range of meditative techniques will be offered, which will be easy to learn and help people get the benefits. One such technique is to observe silence. We will have silence retreats for observing the mind, and help one to get in touch with their true inner self. Silence combined with pure laughter will help empty the mind quickly and unfold the layers of the sub conscious mind to know the deeper self.

Laughter Tourism And Laughter Yoga Holidays

People from all over the world are fascinated by India. They want to explore Indian culture, how people live and its spiritual values. The objective of laughter tourism is to organize group sight seeing tours which will emphasize on ‘fun as you learn’. These groups will spend a few days in the university to know the basics of Laughter Yoga before proceeding to other cities. They will be led by certified laughter leaders as their tourist guides to discover spiritual India. We will organize tours to villages in different states to give people an exhilarating experience of diversity in this country. They can enjoy the hospitality and delectable Indian cuisine from the north to south and east to west.

Laughter Festivals

Every year we will have designated days for laughter festivals by integrating different cultures of the world. These festivals will provide an opportunity to learn different customs and traditions from around the world.

Laughter City & Township ( Hasya Nagari)

We also plan to create community living townships of the happiest people in this world. Besides the University, we also plan to make the country’s first ‘Laughter City’ - a township that encourages people from around the world to come together and form a community based on the essence of Laughter Yoga -- singing, dancing, playing and laughter.

While people will come for learning and healing, they can also live as a community by buying different properties like apartments, bungalows & villas. They can divide their time between their families in their native places and the Laughter city. The township will have all basic amenities which will include recreation facilities, hospitals, transport, supermarket, restaurants hotels, fitness and wellness centers. They can also rent out their properties while away.

Laughter Yoga Based Programs

Besides special departments based on philosophy, concept and yoga, the university will also have several Laughter Yoga based programs, seminars and conferences to enable people to learn, assimilate and impart knowledge about Laughter Yoga. There will be regular training and coaching workshops as well as Spiritual and Silence retreats. The curriculum is designed in a fashion to help people relax and maintain good health through unconditioned laughter.

Laughter Yoga Resource Center

There will be a well equipped resource and media center which will have a library providing comprehensive information on Laughter Yoga, research studies and other related material to help people comprehend the concept even better. Other resources will include books / DVDs and CDs. There will also be an outlet for ready garments, humor props & costumes which people can buy and use during trainings and workshops.

This unusual learning center, will provide to all laughter enthusiasts from across the world, an access to these specially designed courses which cover everything right from the basics of Laughter Yoga, to teachers training courses, stress management techniques and even applied courses in Ayurveda and Naturopathy. And yes, all these courses will be certified by the Laughter Yoga University.

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