• Dr. Kataria’s World Laughter Day Message, May 1, 2016


    Dear Laughter Friends,

    Every first Sunday of May we celebrate World Laughter Day. This is a special day designated to build global awareness of health, happiness and world peace through laughter. On this day, Laughter Club members and their friends and families get together in important squares and public parks to laugh together for world peace.

    Today, we are facing worldwide terrorism, natural disasters, global warming, bad economy and many other stressors. It has become almost a challenge to maintain a positive mental state. This is where Laughter Yoga helps. The unconditional laughter of Laughter Yoga has the power to change the inner chemistry and make us feel good inside. Once people feel good within, their perception of the outer world changes and they will contribute to world peace.

    We believe that “When you laugh, you change and when you change, the whole world changes around you.”
    The Laughter Club movement which started in Mumbai in 1995 has spread to 105 countries at present. Laughter is a universal language we all speak without any language barrier. These free social Laughter Clubs connect people from different cultures and countries and provide a social network of caring and sharing people.

    Apart from social Laughter Clubs, Laughter Yoga is being practiced in companies, corporations, senior centers, schools colleges, universities, hospitals, fitness centers, physically mentally challenged organizations and prisons.

    On the occasion of World Laughter Day, we strongly recommend that the opening ceremony of the Olympic Games should start with one minute of laughter. The athletes and people in the stadium, as well as the millions watching the live telecast worldwide should laugh together for world peace.

    On this auspicious day, let us all stand for a minute and laugh heartily with our arms pointing skywards and send out positive vibrations of love and peace into the world.

    Dr. Madan Kataria
    Laughter Yoga International

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