The Big Move - From Mumbai To Bangalore

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Twenty six years ago, I came to Mumbai with a dream in my eyes and ambition to become rich and famous. It is a city of dreams, where people come from all over India to fulfill their vision. 

Amidst constant stress and pressures of daily life, I envisioned people laughing, happy and joyful. I discovered the unique concept of Laughter Yoga which made me rich and famous in a mysterious way. Not in terms of money, but it helped me connect with people worldwide and spread love and laughter.  

Today, Laughter Yoga is a global phenomenon, but, my deeper vision is yet to be fulfilled. 

Though I have decided to shift my headquarters of Laughter Yoga International from Mumbai to Bangalore, I will keep coming here as Mumbai has given me a lot and I will never forget the city. 

I feel my big vision of setting up the International Laughter Yoga University lies  somewhere in South India and I can’t choose a better place than Bangalore which has more than 175 laughter clubs.

The proposed Laughter Yoga University will be one of its kinds to explore all aspects of human body, mind, emotions and relationships, art, culture, music, dance through the basis of unconditional laughter. We also plan to create community living townships of the happiest people in this world. Our vision is to have a ‘Laughter City’ on the outskirts of each and every major city of the world.

Some people may call my decision a rash one, but I never think from my left brain. I am not a logical thinker. I just keep going. I believe that if your intentions are genuine and efforts are sincere there will be mysterious coincidences which will pave the way for the fulfillment of your dreams.

My assistant Raj and other members of my staff have already left for Bangalore while I’ll be there by middle of December. In case you're planning to come to Bangalore, meet me and laugh with me!!

Ho Ho Ha Ha Ha
Love & Laughter

Dr. K

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  • supranee bunmas

    Really love to read and sharing the feeling after read this.. You are amazing person.. Thank you to start laughter yoga..this is help people and support people to come come back to the basic thing.. its easy but we forget.. so You wake us up.. You bring the light to all. its simple and very Valuable.. see you next week.. I will be there...
    Love and laughter

    Saturday, 31 October 2015 12:39:36

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