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It’s about working smart; not working hard.
One has to put in a lot of effort if working with lower intelligence as it has limited abilities and skills. On the other hand, spirituality in work is all about working smart and getting maximum results with minimum efforts.

Success Formula

Achieving success is one of our major goals in life. It is not easy as we have to go through many struggles and obstacles of both the outer world and the inner self. We deal with negative people, negative situations as well as negative thoughts and emotions which condition the body and mind to elicit a knee jerk reaction to a particular situation even without analyzing.

Working with spirituality makes the process of achieving success much easier and effort less. The spiritual approach towards life involves everyone and is based on a win-win formula. It connects you with people who help you in the process of achieving success. This eliminates the conflicts and agitations that may occur if in isolation. The whole practice of oneness and unity with others leads to a smooth path to success.

Ultimate Goal In Life

While achieving success is important; it is not the ultimate goal. What matters is what we do with our lives after success. It is easy to build up money, power and position, but how we use these acquisitions decides the quality of life, which if not constructive can lead to tremendous unhappiness. Using success only to enhance one’s self image is detrimental and can lead to anger, fear, jealousy, hatred and conflict with others. On the other hand, if we use our success wisely and make a contribution to the lives of others, it will generate love, peace and happiness.

Therefore, the ultimate goal of life should not be achieving success, but to be a successful contributor in life. You will be happy in the true sense when you become generous, compassionate and giving.

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