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Based on the age old wisdom that life is like a house with five rooms, the new program Laughter and Silence retreat launched in Melbourne was a great success and helped to provide deep insights into one’s inner self. Contemplation in silence transcends the conscious and judging mind and unfolds the layers of the subconscious mind to help people realize their true nature and focus on not just their work, but also pay attention to different areas of life.

6 July, 2009, Day 2 of Laughter and Silence Retreat, Melbourne Australia

On the second day of silence, we contemplated on personal values and at the end of the day had a positive dialogue session with all the participants. The group leader cheered their ideas on different personal values which came up while reflecting in silence. One of the topics of discussion was sharing and assessing one’s weaknesses and strengths. I told the group that my biggest strength was that I am a man of action – I believe in making quick decisions and translating them into action. In fact, this is the reason for my success. I have done it all my life and even today, I go ahead with implementing an idea. Let us examine these two vital components: Making decisions and Taking actions

About Making Decisions

For any accomplishment one has to make a decision. Your decision is the final permission to undertake the project. The moment you make a decision, there is a heave of mental energy and an imminent action is ready to happen. But, there are many people who make a decision and keep the energy flowing through their body and mind, but fail to transform this energy into action.

Making a decision is not as simple as it seems. It involves a lot of thinking, soul searching, weighing the pros and cons, consequences etc. Mostly, it is the left or the logical brain involved in making decisions. But, usually this takes longer as people ponder over various risks, threats and possibilities. They try to think logically thus delaying the process of decision-making as well as implementing it into action.

On the other hand, the right brain is responsible for quick decisions as it thinks emotionally rather than logically. Emotional decisions, though quick, have an element of risk. They can make or break a person. Most of the time, I take decisions based on my emotions. Though I do calculate and think logically, but if it stops me from taking a decision, I just go ahead and listen to my right brain.

Emotional decisions come straight from the heart or you can say from the gut. I rely heavily on my intuitive thinking and perhaps this is the reason I can make quick decisions and also because I know the heart has only two decisions to make – Yes or No. And it doesn't take much time to get the feel of a right decision. Now let’s talk about the other part – the action.

About Taking Action

The key to my success with Laughter Yoga movement is taking action. Right from my younger days, I’ve been very prompt in taking action because I believe that nothing will happen if one doesn’t take any action. Thoughts in the mind are like dreams which only come true when you do something about them. Life is not a spectator’s game; you need to play it. Now, here’s a secret I want to share with you. Since many years, I’ve been living with the wisdom of ‘Hundred meters at a time.’

What is this philosophy?

I don't remember where I read it, but it has become a part of my unconscious habit. 100 m wisdom can be explained as follows - when you're traveling by car on a highway at night, the headlights of a car can barely see 100 m at a time. When you reach that point, you again see another 100 m and so on …In this manner; you can complete a journey of hundreds of miles just by seeing 100 m at a time.

I think this is a great insight. It can help people reach their goals slowly and steadily as they learn to look ahead and overcome obstacles and several intricacies of life. It is a great way to success and accomplishment. Whenever I undertake any endeavor, I see just the initial steps and go on moving forward keeping the entire picture in mind. There are times when I don’t have the clarity about my venture in the beginning, but as I cruise along, everything just falls into place.

The whole idea is not to get deterred by the rough path that may lie ahead … just go on. At this point, also remember not to start analyzing your decision logically or else you’ll be left with an unfulfilled dream. The only thing I do is to remember my purpose and my mission. I am very sure of the first few steps after which it makes it easy for me to plunge into action. This is something great about emotional decision-making. Some people may feel that this could be hasty and rash, but to achieve something in life, you have to make a beginning; you cannot just sit and think and do nothing. Thinking without implementation is futile and wasted. Another thing which I realized was that whenever I took a decision focused on my selfish agenda it was very hard and many times I never even got started. Whereas, any decision which was aligned with spiritual principles were all successful and easy for me to take. All the projects directed to fulfill my personal needs or ego needs were difficult to decide, but any decision I made for the good of everyone, the universal intelligence always helped me to say yes and get started.

So here lies the wisdom… don’t just think; get up and get started.

Love & Laughter
Dr. K

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