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Man is an evolved animal, and though we struggle for existence like other animals, we have a highly evolved thinking process and reasoning ability. But, our selfish tendencies stem from our struggle for existence, and are a part of our animal behavior.  With the process of evolution from animal to man, these tendencies have also evolved, but there is a distinct difference between the predisposition of animals and man. While animals are selfish to the needs and necessities of life, like food, shelter and security; man is self-centered and is greedy for power, control and position in life.  Selfishness has become a prominent feature of human beings in the process of evolution, and this unconsciously directs our actions towards goals which are primarily for our own benefit.  The ego is a human tendency to look for: ‘what’s in it for me’, while all the time it directs our energy and actions to meet the - ‘I’, ‘my’, and ‘me’ agenda.  This creates a major conflict between the individuals, and we disregard our relationship with other living beings, and with the universe.

As a student of medicine, I learnt a lot about the conscious and subconscious mind, the emotional mind as well as the thinking mind, but there was never a clear-cut description of what is the ego mind. There was always an ambiguity surrounding the understanding of ego and what role does it play in our lives.

I experienced the development of the ego mind right through my childhood to adulthood even without being aware of it.  But, what I realized was that, in order have a sense of self-worth and to live a stress free life, the first thing to be understood is what ego is as the cause of much stress comes from diverse ego states.

Ego is a state of mind or a false center which constantly tries to uphold your own point of view and almost completely disregards that of others. That whole focus of ego is–what is in it for me? It is a kind of a self-centered approach towards life. Even as you pay attention to your ego, it is forever judging who is superior to you or inferior to you. It instigates in you a sense of comparison, which makes you feel good and bad accordingly.  It provides a false sense of pride; driven by selfish agenda that makes us head towards greed and self satiating acts, which in turn can leave us unhappy and discontented.

Through developing a deeper understanding of this seen and unseen connection, which is infinite in nature, one can begin to consciously elevate the ego aspect of mind and harmonize one’s thoughts, words, and actions with it and make use of it in a way that creates positive physical life experiences and help one feel fulfilled.

Ego & Stress

The ego comprises attitudes, beliefs and the resultant energies. It believes it is right and everything else is wrong. This disparity from reality produces a tremendous amount of stress and in order to have a meaningful life, it is imperative that we simply let go of the idea that we have the only right opinion. Right or wrong depends on circumstances - what is right for one maybe wrong for the other. Therefore, it is important that we accept the two mutually.

Both ego and stress do not exist in the outside world.  But our reaction to what's going on in the outside world depends upon what meaning you are going to give to a given situation by evaluating and judging the events, people and objects in the outer world.  Ego creates emotional stress which can be easily handled by understanding how the mind works. It's all about your perception of the outer world, and the biggest instrument to help you understand the meaning of life is your thinking mind or the intellect. The understanding of ego states of mind will definitely help to change the perception and response to stressful situations which are unnecessarily created by our own thinking. 

Learning From Life

Looking back at my own life, I had a great childhood when I lived in the village.  My mother’s dream was that I should study medicine and become a doctor.  From then on, I started experiencing ego states in school when I first started making sense out of this world. I worked hard to stay ahead in competition. Though there were moments of achievements, but most of the time was spent in fear about - what next? In college days, I started experiencing peer pressure like - who is smarter and who’ll get better grades. It was the time I started telling lies about myself and my family and started exaggerating the facts about who I was and what was I doing.  My point was to prove myself superior.

Next were the expectations of my family which made me more conscious about finding my place in the world. When I became a doctor and saw other well established and famous doctors, something inside me told me that I must outdo them. My ego made me feel envious about people who were successful and rich. This generated negative feelings within and I began criticizing them.  My ego mind pushed me in the right places and egged me on to make more money and become more moneyed and eminent. It gave me the momentum on how to make money in the shortest possible time so that I can prove myself among my friends and relatives. I started working hard and running my life on a ‘fast forward’ mode.  Day after day, even as I struggled hard, I felt that time was running out; age was advancing and I had to achieve much more. These feelings of insecurities, fear and stress was not the ‘real’ me -  it was my EGO that made me do and think all of this.

Soon, I started losing my hair and was petrified that no girl will ever marry me if I'm bald.  It was my ego mind which kept pushing me to get padded fast.  In a nutshell, the entire focus of my life was to just prove myself - to my family, friends and relatives.  I was always more concerned about the approval of other people, rather than what I felt within myself.

Laughter Set Me Free

Laughter was a great breakthrough in my life which released a lot of stress and tension which I had germinated over the years to pursue my goals and ambitions triggered by my ego mind.  By laughing at all of it, the first thing I learnt was that I am not the center of the universe. I realized that even if I had proved myself to the world, they wouldn’t really care because they have their own problems to deal with. They couldn’t be bothered with my feelings or apprehensions.

Feeling a little disillusioned, I then delved into the philosophical side of ego, and my spiritual teacher gave me another definition. He said ego meant edging God out i.e.  When you think you are the whole sole doer, and try to take the place of God, you are operating from your ego mind.  He explained the gyan mudra or the most commonly used meditative posture in which we join the thumb with the tip of the index finger.  He said that the index finger represented arrogance or ego mind, while the thumb symbolized the Universe or God. Thus, by joining the two, we make a complete circle which denotes that we have surrendered everything into the hands of the Universe. It is not about us; it is about a higher energy, a higher force through which the divine manifestation takes place. As the process of reflection and meditation continues, the ego mind soon dissipates. The arrogance of the self fades away; instead one is left with a feeling of humility and selflessness.

Having learnt the spiritual meaning of ego, I underwent a definitive change. My achievements no longer made me arrogant.  I did not feel hurt by criticism because I thought it was not about me.  I felt like an executive director of a higher power where all things good or bad were his doing – I was just a mere instrument that made them happen.   In fact, I give the whole credit of spreading the Laughter movement worldwide in such a short period of time to a divine force, rather than to my own intelligence and smartness.

Ego And Self-Esteem

It is important to understand what self-esteem is and how is it different from ego. Self-esteem combines a healthy regard for the self as well as others, whereas ego, on the other hand, always believes in its own self importance and undermines that of others. Ego always needs outside approval, justification, and constant attention and gratification and believes in its own superiority, but when we express healthy self esteem, we are able to be compassionate without being mutually dependent. We can understand the viewpoints of others and have a real concern in them.

Those with healthy self esteem have healthy boundaries which lead to a stable and content life. There is no danger of an inflated ego that can lead to unpleasant situations. Another virtue of high self-esteem is being patient, as impatience is frequently a sign of egoistical people. Sometimes our impatience is the result of our own failures, but when we have a healthy self esteem, we show great endurance, and live our lives strategically enough to cope with situations that require extreme patience.

But, paradoxically, we need ego to get to self-esteem. It is vital to have a certain amount of ego without which a person will develop a low self- esteem, which in turn weakens the self-worth of the person. Therefore, ego is an essential part of one’s being so long as it does not go to a gargantuan magnitude and ruins a person worthiness, potential and sensitivity. Always remember to chide your ego if it starts running away with your emotions; learn to weed out the unhealthy component from your ego and head towards a more complete life with compassion, humility and generosity – the sole ingredients for a happy life.

How To Dissolve Your Ego

Giving is the opposite of ego. Your ego wants to control and possess and does not ever want to give.  It is always is seeking. Therefore, one exercise to dissolve your ego mind is the spiritual virtue of being generous. Earlier, I noticed that the more I strived for, the more dissatisfied I got. But, when laughter came into my life, I experienced that the more I gave, the more I got. For the first time in my life, I learnt from the laughter movement that one can become rich and famous by giving and not by taking.

Ego - Let Go

Another ego busting exercise is to remove ‘E’ from ego and let it go. But how do we let go.  If you understand the following metaphor you'll understand the stress.

Stress is like a rope pulled by two people from two ends. Stretching the rope can be easily relieved if one person on any end let goes. Though there is no guarantee that the other person will let go, but you always have a choice. If you let go there will be no stress and the tension will be mitigated.  But, what stops people is the ego mind which tells them to hold on and prove their strength. All you need is to understand is the fact that stress can become chronic if one does not let go of it. Therefore, once you rise above your ego and think from a larger perspective, it will not be hard for you to let go.

Letting go is also about giving freedom to others.  I learnt from experience that one of the reasons which built stress in my life was my desire to control other people.  As long as I was obsessed with control, I found that stress was building up. The moment I decided to let go and set other people free, it was quite a relief.

Ego Is Necessary To Learn About The Real Self

To fully experience a life of harmony and accomplishment, one has to understand at a deeper level, the role that the ego mind plays in creating the events, conditions and circumstances in your life, and how it can restrict and keep you from experiencing a full life.

Though ego is a false center and provides false tutoring, the fact is that in order to know the real, one has to go through the false, so ego is a must. It is only through an illusion can one gets to know the realty. If you know what is false, the truth by design will dawn upon you.

Ego is a social need and everyone around you is involved in developing it.  For instance, parents, school authorities, friends and relations etc are all adding to your ego, and everybody tries to modify it in such a way that you don't become a nuisance to the society. While expectations and approval boosts the ego; criticism and disapproval does the exact opposite. It deflates the ego and balances the mind. It stops you from getting a swollen head. Therefore, when you mature through understanding, awareness, and realize that an inflated ego can be a cause of stress and misery, you will learn to strike a good balance between ‘healthy’ and ‘unhealthy’ ego.

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    %u201CFor the ancients, enthusiasm meant trance or ecstasy %u2013 a connection with God. Enthusiasm is agape directed at a particular idea or a specific thing%u2026When we love and connect from the bottom of our heart, we feel ourselves to be stronger than anyone in the world, and we feel a serenity that is based on the certainty that nothing can shake our faith. This unusual strength allows us to make the right decision at the right time, and when we achieve our goal, we are amazed at our own capabilities. Because when we are involved in the good fight, nothing else is important; enthusiasm carries us to our goal%u2026

    %u201CEnthusiasm normally manifests itself with all of its force during the first years of our lives%u2026.We lose enthusiasm because of the small unavoidable defeats we suffer during our lives. And since we don%u2019t realize that enthusiasm is a major strength, able to help us win ultimate success, we let it dribble through our fingers; we do this without recognizing that we are letting the true meaning of our lives escape us.%u201D


    ''When you capture the minds of people with 'treats and sweets' containing such things as hidden poisons and addictive substances, religious hope and cultural beliefs, you take possession of their lives and the lives of their children. They then become your obedient slaves to serve your hypnotic suggestions.''

    (This is one of many similar statements derived from escaped associates of Corporate Business Systems who have been directly associated with mind-manipulating programs used to control and direct Earth's human-resource populations.)

    Supposedly, Einstein once stated that;

    ''You cannot repair something which is broken with the same type of system-thinking principles which caused it to become that way!''

    Ralph Waldo Emerson may have said;

    "Nothing great was ever achieved without enthusiasm!"

    "Everywhere in history religion betrays a tendency to enthusiasm."

    Now one can have enthusiasm for almost anything, from water skiing to fast food, without religion entering into it at all. Enthusiasm is the stuff that helps to drive our intentions to create newness or get what we think we want. It is a powerful force of emotion which is inherit to our psyche's natural existence. Combined with the driving goal-seeking force of a person's intent, enthusiasm has the ability to create 'miracles'. But when our intent has been possessed and manipulated by corporate systems, our natural enthusiasm for natural health and lasting happiness has been radically dissabled.


    We are led (taught) to base our decision-making realities on systems of 'Belief' which include concepts which indicate that we are responsible for our choices and have some sort of right or ownership to a personal opinion, beliefs and emotional fears, false and dangerously conflicting as they can be. We are also told that we are endowed with a mind/brain or control-station functioning as a personal life-support center similar to the way computers work, where programmed response-information remains constantly effective until new response programming is installed and accepted. Can you see how any individual, group or community could be truly accountable or responsible for their actions when there is so much incriminating evidence showing that all human behaviour is being directed by external systematic emotional-response programming working through the information storage and processing facilities of the human sub-conscious mind?

    To keep our minds controlled, we have been trained to 'think' and consider 'belief' as a 'true' basis for life-critical choices, instead of being enabled use our natural abilities of imagination, visualization and intuition to process information. What this means is that we have all been fooled by a reality system which World Powers have using against our free will for thousands of years. The difference now is that you have recieved the means to escape to happiness and true freedom.


    Mind freedom in its truest form is simply being enabled to exist independently and socially in a harmonic and self-responsible manner.

    It is still widely unknown that the main governing factors regarding the quality of a persons life is how they are taught to emotionally respond to circumstances and how not to be responsible for the circumstances. If you want to gain eternal happiness and harmony over your life, seriously look at what emotions you actually own at any moment, particularly while in the presence of life-negative circumstances. For example, do you use external cause for how you feel and react? (eg,. The other person or circumstance made me feel and respond that way!)

    When you want to be free and have a long wonderful life, learn to be true, not just to yourself but to the continuing circumstances of your developing awareness. Your greatest treasure is knowing that you can still hang on to beliefs (unrealstic fantacies), while taking possession of your life and also being self-responsible for what type of life-support programs you enable or disable.

    What do we mean when we say %u201CNO%u201D to conflict, war, avoidable suffering and corruption, then continue to produce and support more of it? Are we not the victims who have been fear-tricked into endorsing and supporting corrupted World Powers?

    Without a unified people%u2019s plan-of-action to stop the rot and enough human resources implement the first stage, can we expect things to improve?.............. NOT LIKELY!

    There is a common deception growing in the garden of life indicating that negative thoughts cannot cause harm. Global health authorities and governing bodies know that the quality of thinking, visualizing or dreaming has a major and probably total influence over the mental and physical health of all humans.

    It may not have attracted your attention yet, but if what 'THEY' taught us as children is permitted to be active throughout adult lives, then those lives have not been initiated to harmonious social life-skills and are at extreme risk of experiencing periods of artificially induced ill-health and a high probability of premature death.

    We are all living in an age of high-speed advanced technology, where most children are being taught about how to control others and seek and destroy programs. This is only one clear example of how population leaders manipulate people%u2019s minds into producing and supporting the avalanche of destruction and toxic pollution that we know so well.

    There are many places on Earth where children are taught to kill and brutalize other humans before they are ten years old. In other places where electronic devices are available, the children have been deceived into seek and destroy training at home, at schools and where they play.



    Have you ever wondered why governed World communities are constantly being deceived and manipulated by corporations?
    Why would anyone think that corporate agendas have no connection to the unhealthy mind-states of Earth's citizeny unless they were ignorant to real reasons for corporate cause?

    Corporate mind manipulation practitioner experts have long known that human behavior can be taught and bought. We know by our own experiences that Subjective Information Networks (commonly known as the system of SIN) working with multimedia modeling programs have shown us how to create billions of victims and profit from controlling their mental and physical circumstances. Not only have we been programmed on how to think and choose, we are programmed to use %u2018Belief%u2019 instead of %u2018Natural Truth%u2019 to support personal health and relationship harmony.




    Who is not prepared to self-commit to an un-corruptable life-enhancing intent-census?

    Definitely not Governments, drug companies, weapon makers, organized crime heads or community councils,%u2026%u2026%u2026%u2026..%u2026 ARE YOU?

    Are you really happy and safe with your health and relationships?

    For Humanity to stop its destructive ways, self-responsibility would need to be re-defined and practical immobilizing action applied to negative cause sources. But, if most of us committed our intent-support to more of what we are trapped in now, we might be better off, because then we could own-up to our wickedness and get rid of opposing conflicts, such as .
    Government and religious cults, human rights laws and pretending do-gooders. In effect, we could just party and plunder and entertain ourselves with the prospect of mind-induced extinction.

    Claim-staking your Divine Citizen Sovereignty ..........NATURE%u2019S ELIXIR OF TRUE LIFE:

    Awakening %u2018THE TRUE WHOLE DIVINE SELF%u2019 can be as simple as enabling your mind to activate the following basic life-repair application:


    Procedure : Upon awakening each morning for a period of not less than thirty-one days, mentally drive this natural universal affirmation around your consciousness for a few minutes.
    This seemingly magical mind-process is exactly the same universal process used by World population-control organizations. The only difference now is that you get to enable the conditions of how you want to think and feel, not how 'they' program your Ego to obey and pay.
    HELPFUL HINT: Spend some time with the idea of not having any conflict in your life, because 'negative-emotional-response to circumstances' is a destructive PC tool which attracts big dollars and enormous power to Humanity's elitist controllers. Imagine that instead of responding to circumstances according to your culturized mental like-list or don't-like list. Think about creating your own single list of emotional values. Call it your LOVE LIST OF EMOTIONAL PREFERENCES. Keep everything you like to experience at the top of the list and everything you don't like at the bottom of your love-list. Now, while you have no separate 'like' or dis-like list, there is only one more item to highlight, that being who or what actually owns and controls how you react to the circumstances of life, which includes the words and actions of other people. If your mind is already free, then nothing could cause you to feel negative emotion. There exists no valid or true reason for submitting the remainder of your life to the dangerous mental darkness and risk-laden health deceptions that only Ego-Belief Systems deliver to Humanity's corporate controlled consumers.
    WARNING ! Your S.I.N.-controlled Ego-Belief-Self will not want you to consume this powerful elixir of life and will use various implanted programs to prevent you from claiming your Natural Sovereign Mind-Freedom.
    This complimentary %u2018Freedom Program%u2019 belongs to us all, not just Earth's elite who live off the suffering of others. It includes Nature%u2019s guarantee of success without any negative side effects! You can safely use it to release yourself from harmful Corporate-controlled health and safety consequences such as effects from depressive thinking, addictions and chemical toxicity.
    Have a go! Test-drive your own free mind before you return to corporate controlled Subjective Information Networks of belief-cultures.


    Sunday, 26 May 2013 10:17:46

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