Flowing Effortlessly through Life

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Have you ever experienced moments in your life when without any effort on your part, things, good things, just happened? Imagine that you are walking with the wind at your back as it blows you effortlessly and gently along your pathway. You think of someone and suddenly without provocation, that very person calls. You talk for hours. Time stands still. We have all experienced that synchronicity, those moments when all of life feels perfect, but it happens too infrequently.

What would life be like if these moments of effortless flow started happening more often? What if your entire life was one of effortless flow? Imagine flowing through life with effortless ease with no struggles, no fears, no deadlines, no conflict…..just effortless flow!

Flowing effortlessly through life does not mean that all of life is easy or smooth sailing. Going with the flow also does not mean there will be no work on your part. Your best efforts must be put forth, regardless of the outcome. Everything you do must be done in the spirit of love and without expectation. Working only with what you believe will be the outcome, will not allow you to work with effortless ease. To flow through life effortlessly simply means meeting the challenges with the path of least resistance, accepting them fully and doing your best.

Flowing effortlessly through life also does not mean your life is without goals. Dreams can be as big as you want. Put forth your best efforts, but without focusing on the outcome. Dream your dreams, set your goals, and do the best you can; however, if something does not work out, simply try again. Change strategies, work out new plans, make a new effort. If nothing works, perhaps it was not meant to be. To flow through life effortlessly, trust and believe that the Universe has other plans for you.

Flowing effortlessly through life means believing and trusting that whatever path you are on is the right path, one ordained by the Universe, whether fully understood or not. To flow through life effortlessly, one must trust this concept without the slightest doubt.

Flowing effortlessly through life means understanding the Laws of the Universe and aligning them within your heart and mind.

Flowing effortlessly through life means tapping into your higher mind and connecting with Universal Energy, thus spreading your thoughts to like-minded people all over the world, bringing you closer to your goals.

Flowing effortlessly through life means being in oneness with yourself and all others - you belong to them and they belong to you without judgment, comparison, or competition.

Flowing effortlessly through life does not mean getting everything what you want. To flow through life effortlessly means being at peace with what you have.

Flowing effortlessly through life means to be, not to do, although it does not mean not doing anything. It simply means taking the path of least resistance. To flow through life effortlessly means not working hard, but working smart.

Flowing effortlessly through life means if there is pain, it will be pain without suffering. Pain is a discomfort in the mind or body that comes and goes. Suffering is a learned response to something painful. The pain can come and go, but the suffering remains. To flow through life effortlessly means feeling the pain, then moving on, leaving both pain and suffering behind.

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