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Lynette Mitchell, Australia
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Tuesday, 5 March 2013 18:19:30

I was asked to present laughter yoga at the Dandenong Seniors Festival recently and there was a good turn out of people, about fifty were there, who were mostly women.

Being Seniors, the participants were generally in their seventies and let me tell you, they had a ball, thoroughly embracing the subject of laughter. A couple of them had walking sticks and one elderly man borrowed one to do the Charlie Chaplin walk. A very funny laugh was when a lady had lost her way, coming in half an hour late. We all observed her coming up the path and since they were in such high spirits, I led the ‘I know something about you’ laugh. It was a scream!

Usually three times a year I facilitate an all day workshop with three other colleagues in a not for profit personal growth organisation that we all belong to. It was last Saturday and went very well. I facilitated a creative segment about the subject of mandalas, as I have a keen interest in them and pain them from time to time. And of course I did a laughter yoga session. We always include laughter yoga, usually we begin it however this time it felt right to finish up with it before the final wind up. Everybody got totally involved and their favourites were the Clam laugh and the Incontinent Ballerina.

Another wonderful sharing of laughter yoga was when I was asked to present at a tertiary educational centre, Swinburne TAFE at Wantirna, close to my home. The university's library have very active people supporting their students. Last year I was asked to go along as a 'Living Library Book' which meant small groups of students went to the various posts around the library, where members of the community shared about their work. As a laugher facilitator, naturally my position was the noisiest, as we experienced the laughter first hand, rather than merely talking about it.

The last time that I was asked to facilitate laughter yoga was related to their 'anti-stress day'. People received free 10 minute massages and several things to help, such as how to meditate instructions, a stress ball and chocolate!

Here I will post photos at the Day of Joy Workshop and the TAFE Library day.

Laughter is a wonderful way to connect our hearts together as our eyes connect and is such an excellent team builder. I feel that it brings us all to the same level for a short while and everything, all human differences are put aside as we embrace Dr Kataria’s motto of World Peace Through Laughter. Thank you Dr K.

Thanks for reading. Enjoy your life and laugh freely, with yourself, at yourself and with others at every possible moment.  Blessings and Love, Lynette Mitchell. xx oo

The Clam Laugh, Day of Joy & Discovery

The Clam Laugh at the Day of Joy and Discovery.

Material Measuring the Old Fashioned Way.

Lynette presenting laughter at TAFE Library.

Blue Danube Waltz Laugh.

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