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Natalie Lui, Hong Kong SAR
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Monday, 6 January 2014 15:04:12

What did you do on the last Christmas Eve? In Hong Kong, most people will go to have a Xmas Eve meal with their beloved ones, may be watch the movie or go to the Countdown events in different shopping malls. 

On 2013 Christmas Eve, the laughter buddies in the Laughter Yoga Hong Kong Meetup Group organized the Laughing Santa event to share our love and laughters and food with the street sleepers on Hong Kong Island. The whole idea is the outreach volunteering service and we paid a visit to the street sleepers' "home" on the street, under the bridge or inside the tunnels. 

Why we organize this?

Christmas is a day of humanity, while laughter yoga helps us to become happier and we would like to share our love and concern to the people "visibly invisible". Laughter yoga helps us to have a more joyful life. However, we cannot just be joyful when we know that people around us is suffering.

I still remember Dr. Kataria's famous quote :

"When you laugh, you change. When you change, the world around you also change."

We change our actions to a more caring and concern when we laugh, although we cannot change the street sleepers' lives in one visit, we change our attitude and experience about them. When we change, we may invite more people change to improve their lives, and make a difference.

Laughter Yoga to me, it is not just an exercise for our physical and mental bodies. To me, it is improving the wellbeings of all the people in the society by each baby step towards a more positive change in actions and attitude.

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