Laughter Club in the Hospital - What is your laughing news?

Natalie Lui, Hong Kong SAR
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Thursday, 6 June 2013 20:55:26
Laughter Club in the Hospital - What is your laughing news?

Laughter Club in the hospital is one of my dream as a Laughter Yoga Teacher in Hong Kong. I  met so many people sufferred from all different kinds of chronic diseases which is stress-based. Here we are, we started a Laughter Club in Pamela Youde Nethersole Eastern Hospital for the cancer patients. 

You can imagine if you got the cancer report from the doctor, you lost all the hope that you are going to live for a very long time. Your fear about dying, suffering from cancer will overwhelm your life, which made your body even more weaker than before.

Indeed, cancer is not a easy journey to go through without hope of the recovery, and positive thinking is as important as your medical treatment. In the last laughter club session with the cancer patient, I invited them to imagine the letter with the news that you can make you laughed out loud. Guess what? They are not imagine a letter with a big sum of money for them, they just want a letter from their doctor saying that their cancer is ALL GONE, and they can live for AT LEAST 50 years. 

In some way, laughter club helps to rebuild the patients' hope in life, and hope they all can get the real letter very soon :) 



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