Choice not chance determines yours destiny

Carolyn Nicholson, Australia
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Wednesday, 24 April 2013 16:45:32

Decide to be Happy right now.

Choose to have Gratitude for who you are right now

Choose to have Gratitude for what you have right now

Choose to smile and laugh in this moment

Choose to breathe deeply in this moment

Choose good healthy food in this moment

Choose to have peace within you and around you, right now

Choose to to drinks lots of water right now

Choose to in nature and slow down often

Choose to be surrounded by people who can support you in this way of thinking, and you can support them

Choose to feel comfortable with your age,right now, because it is the youngest you are ever going to be, again

When you can do all of the above, in this moment, you bring more of it , into your future.

YOU and only YOU are responsible for your future, by what you think, the words you choose to use, the actions you choose to make.

Choose all of the above and more, right now, in this moment and you will bring Miracles into your life.

So Ho Ho Ha Ha Ha, with Joy, Smiles and gratititude, I begin my day.

(Inspiration: after awakening this morning) Carolyn Laughalot

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