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Carolyn Nicholson, Australia
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Wednesday, 24 April 2013 15:39:06

A few days ago, I was invited to a Celebration, as soon as I arrived I was very happy to be there and I found myself filled with Joy and I was making others laugh simply by being Joyful and relaxed myself, there were alot of Laughs until after mid night. It was a very successful celebration evening, a couple days after I received two emails, Thanking me for being there as there had been family friction and had fear and discomfort that it would spoil the night but because I arrived with my natural Joy it became contagious and it completely dissipated the friction.

Laughter Yoga has given me this gift, there is nothing to fake anymore, it has become a completely natural part of my life. Sometimes I am surprised myself, how easy it is for me to be so 'relaxed' and Joyful, even after a very stressful event, the Joy returns instantly.....
So if you havnt made it this far yet, 'just fake it til you make it' and one day you will realise, just like me, that the Joy has been with you all along but you just have not allowed it out.
Laughter and Joy is our birth right, but like Peace and Love...........we forget it, sometimes,,,,, Ho Ho Ha Ha Ha.... Carolyn Nicholson, Larfter Lady, ELtham Laughter CLub, Melbourne, Australia

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