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Melanie Rudolph, USA
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Tuesday, 23 April 2013 18:24:10

Laughter Yoga with Cancer Communities ~ October 17, 2010 ~ By Melanie R. Rudolph

I recently presented Laughter Yoga at James Graham Brown Cancer Center in the Mint Jubilee Resource Center in Louisville, Kentucky.

Here is their website:

According to the Website:

"The James Graham Brown Cancer Resource Center was created to provide a peaceful environment for cancer patients to learn, relax and heal emotionally."

They offer a variety of Services & Resources for patients including Art Therapy, Nutrition Classes, Massage Therapy, etc.

I had the honor of sharing Laughter Yoga. It was an amazing Experience and my heart goes out to everyone I met including the many caretakers I talked to. 

I am in the Process of presenting the current Laughter Yoga research to the James Graham Brown Cancer Center. I look foward to see what evolves at the Center with Laughter Yoga.  

I was inspired to arrange Laughter Yoga at the Center after having many friends & colleagues who are having PROFOUND results when adding Laughter Yoga to their current treaments that have been recommended by their Physicians.

Here is a sample:


 "It's no joke to doctors, staff and patients at Swedish Covenant Hospital. It's becoming a popular form of treatment and you don't have to have a sense of humor to do it or to get the benefits. Every Monday morning you'll hear laughter in the halls of the cancer treatment center at Swedish Covenant Hospital from patients receiving Chemotherapy... "

 "It was introduced to Swedish Covenant by Joseph Philip, MD"....... "Laughter is the best Medicine .......& it's free" .

 "Advocates say 20 minutes of laughter boosts endorphins, bloodflow, oxygen levels & the immune system while it lowers stress hormones, anxiety & blood pressure but maybe most important- it makes you feel good."

 "Doctors say these patients tolerate chemotherapy better and develop postitive attitudes that help with recovery long term."

 "Doctors & Staff at Swedish Covenant Center are so convinced that this has benefit that they do it themselves."


"To help cancer patients better cope with their diagnosis, the Place of wellness at The University of Texas M. D. Anderson Cancer Center has added Laughter Yoga to its extensive list of complementary and integrative therapies.Created by Indian physician and holistic enthusiast Madan Kataria in 1995, this complementary therapy combines humor, gentle exercises and stretches, and yogic breaths. The practice is inspired by the belief that simulated hilarity has the same benefits as genuine laughter and creates an environment where jokes and words are not needed, only amusement and a child-like attitude."

INDIANAPOLIS, INDIANA ~ Linda Lou Batchelor-Ballew who has Stage IV Cancer.

She has presented Laughter Yoga for Oncologists, Oncology Technicians, Oncology Chemists & Oncology Nurses.

She also has presented Laughter Yoga with the Young Survival Coalition

MICHIGAN ~ Sue Carter Ansari ~ Cancer Survivor

ST. LOUIS, MISSOURI ~ Marlene Chertok ~ Breast Cancer Survivor

You Tube Video:



We would LOVE to hear from you .... Please share your Websites, Research & Feedback....

Love to Laugh ~ Laugh to Love,


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