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Fran J Joseph, USA
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Tuesday, 12 March 2013 14:41:45

This past June, I found a package of sunflower seeds that was several years old in the back of one of my kitchen drawers. Purchased with good, green intentions, I had forgotten about them. My friend suggested I throw the seeds away, cautioning me that they were too old to grow. I, too, had heard and believed this to be true; seeds from seasons past will not sprout and take root. But I felt sad at the thought of throwing them away.

“What have you got to lose?” has been a mantra of mine for years so I was not ready to give up. I planted the seeds in two large, clay pots and placed them on our western facing balcony. I watered and fed them and smiled at their delicate beginnings as they slowly pushed their way through the dirt.

Maybe thinking anything is too old to sprout isn’t as true as we have been taught. And maybe the myths constituting our youth oriented, consumer culture are more generally false than usually considered.

It took months but I found the process was slow in delightful ways. I have enjoyed the many moments spent hovering, tending and appreciating the sunflowers’ progress. Here they are in September. I didn’t do much really. I simply chose to believe it was possible.

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