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Fran J Joseph, USA
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Tuesday, 12 March 2013 13:38:12
Spring weather in Vermont can be unpredictable. Plan for warm sun to play outside and surprise, it snows instead. Like yesterday and today - cold, wet snow. And in Laughter Yoga Club on Tuesday morning, once again, we were twirling, windblown snowflakes, flying across the room with graceful glides and swoops and lots of laughs.

What a contrast from this past weekend when I facilitated Laughter Yoga Leader Training for five wonderful women. Look at these photos. Surrounded by trees and lake views, we gathered to learn and play.  It was easy to forget that we were in the city still, less than a quarter of a mile from residential and commercial busyness. The sun shone all day.

These women are passionate about the work they do and wanted to learn how to bring Laughter Yoga to the different populations they serve. Their interest was piqued and their intuition told them that Laughter Yoga could open new possibilities, both personally and professionally.

We started by sitting together and invoking our shared intention to create a welcoming and respectful community for each of us to be as present as possible to our joint learning experience.  This was to be a space where we could feel safe to take risks, push beyond limits and let our inner children participate wholly.

And then we learned, laughed, talked gibberish, danced, played games, ate snacks outside and then, laughed some more.

They practiced facilitating Laughter Yoga sessions in pairs. And tried out new Laughter Yoga exercises they had created overnight. Only the mother of a toddler would think of poopy diaper laughter. We celebrated each woman’s creativity. They really got that anything can become a laughter yoga exercise.

We talked about the possibility of Laughter Yoga saturation, especially in a small population center, like Vermont. We agreed that there are as many ways and venues to incorporate and offer Laughter Yoga as there are leaders and teachers trained to do so.  I offered to support them in any way I could including being a laughter ringer or plant in the audience during their first forays into presenting Laughter Yoga.

As Sunday afternoon waned, we ended the day with clapping and laughter as each accepted her Laughter Yoga Leader certificate.  It was a wonderful weekend, ending with five new Laughter Yoga Leaders and new friends.

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