Smile Guided Relaxation

Lynda Andrews, New Zealand
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Wednesday, 6 March 2013 12:40:45
Here is a fun guided relaxation to bring everyone into Stillness. Simply read slowly with a soothing voice and it works a treat!! When you say the "Haaa and relax"..... take a deep breath in yourself and breathe out a long exhalation as you are saying the word " Haaa".... I put this sentence regularly throughout my guided relaxations so that participants also exhale and relax every time I say it. Close your eyes and take a deep breathe in, breathing easily and deeply….. haaa and relax…… Imagine that you are breathing in air that is filled with smiles, little smiles, big smiles, purple smiles, pink smiles, rainbow smiles, bright red smiles, every smile you can imagine. Breathing easily and deeply….. haaaa and relax, now, take another deep breath in, and imagine, you can see all these smiles floating right up your nostrils. Breathing easily and deeply….. Haaaa…. and relax. Allow the smiles to go down your throat, and as they pass your mouth, you can't help yourself, you can feel a big smile playing in your lips. Breathing easily and deeply…… Haaaa….. and relax. Take another deep breath in and now, you can see bright golden sparkly smiles all around you. They settle all over your head, they are like a shower of glitter in your hair. You feel them all over your face, and they tickle you, as they constantly move and make you smile even more. Breathing easily and deeply……. Haaaa….. and relax. Take another deep breath in and now you see the biggest, most beautiful smile coming towards you. It is like a huge milk shake and it is the most delicious drink you know. Breathing easily and deeply…… Haaaaa….. and relax.
You drink down this gorgeous liquid smile, and feel it moving into every part of your body. As it fills every cell in your body, any aches, pains or discomfort you have dissolve into this liquid smile. Breathing easily and deeply…… Haaaaa….. and relax. You feel good. You are happy. You are at peace with yourself. You are content. You are loved and nurtured. All is well with the world in this space and this time. Breathing easily and deeply….Haaa and relax and smile. Smile to the very core of you. You have done well. Let your Soul, your Mind, your Heart and your Body dance with Joy in this moment!
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