Connection Through Laughter

Dr Lee S T , Malaysia
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Wednesday, 6 March 2013 12:29:46
Connection Through Laughter

While everybody was enjoying their holiday sleep …there were a group of people woke up early in the morning just to LAUGH! HOHOHAHAHA!!

Arranged by CLY Leader Nyook Foong, I drove to Kajang with two other leaders to join and lead the LY club in Kajang. We reached the community park at about 7:30 am and the laughter friends welcomed us in a very special way---moving in a circle and chanting HOHOHAHAHA. It was so sweet!! Before coming, we were told that there might not be many people turn up as it was a holiday. However, I was amazed by the number of participants, there were more than 60 people of mixed races! The leadership and calling power of Leader NF is really laudable and deserve a big claps, HOHOHAHAHA! VERY GOOD VERY GOOD YEAH!!!

There were a lot of questions about laughter yoga and wellness thrown at me after the LY session, particularly about hormone balancing for women. I explained in Mandarin and English as the crowd was made up of mixed races. As a matter of fact, there are amazing physical, physiological and psychological changes when we do laughter yoga. I will explain more detail about the benefits of laughter yoga in my upcoming blogs.

It was a wonderful day with wonderful LY session and wonderful fellowship, all connected through laughter. HOHOHAHAHA

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