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Duncan Cook, Canada
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Tuesday, 5 March 2013 18:54:18

It's not often that I get a call to attend a conference, so the invitation to go to the January 2012 EWB (Engineers Without Borders) Conference in Ottawa was a great opportunity to facilitate Laughter Sessions for an organisation which is making contribution for change in many peoples lives for basic necessities: like, access to water, for example.

Ashley Good - conference content director - invited Sue and myself to present two Laughter Sessions; both of which were well attended and well received.

The title and theme for this conference was 'Systemic Innovations' with a special feature on the concept of "Failing Forward"

Here is a link to a TEDx talk by David Damberger outlining the what and how of failing forward:

Here is a link for those who want to know more:

Thanks to Ashley and all the participants of the EWB Conference for creating space for laughter in community.
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