Laughter Yoga Club

  • Date :
    28 May, 2014 - 28 May, 2017
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    Every Monday , 6-­? pm Universalist Church
    4 West 76th Street, IN THE BEAUTIFUL CHAPEL


    also new class @ NAam Yoga 

    •  Fran DR Great! It was a laugh! Roberta Ann Fantastic meet-up tonight. Great energy in the room. The exercises and role plays were both pertinent and uplifting. Amazing creativity. Hope to see some more familiar faces next time. Hanan Watson Fun and creative. Lyndee McCallumThank you Lyndee, Great to meet you . My first experience...loved it and used what we were taught later that day. I picked up my phone like I had a call and hahahahaha. Thank you Beth :) I also enjoyed meeting everyone in the group. First yoga class where everyone introduced themselves hahahahaha. Lyndee McCallum 

      — bethbongar on May 19, 2014.

    •  Excellent! 

      — June Rousso on Mar 25, 2014.

    •  The self medication for the stress of NYC 

      — Charlie Anderson on Mar 11, 2014.

    •  I had a good time -- and have already recommended it to others 

      — Sally Olds on Mar 5, 2014.

    •  One of the best things I have ever done for myself! Really nice people with an excellent format. Our instructor is devoted to training us to summon joy and laughter at our most challenging moments. 

      — Roberta Ann on Feb 6, 2014.

    •  Beth, the laughing diva is so much fun. She makes it easy to laugh and unleash your inner child no matter your age. I definitely recommend this class whether you're suffering from stress or just needing a fun night out that's far from the usually Monday night. Bring a friend or go by yourself, you'll be welcomed with opened arms and tons of HAHAs. And if you like chocolate, you'll love the yum meditation :) 

      — Malorie on Jan 7, 2014.

    •  It was fun and worthwhile. Good to breathe and laugh. 

      — Shani R. Friedman on Dec 17, 2013.

    •  Fantastic, enriching and hilarious group. Beth is amazing. 

      — Nicole on Dec 3, 2013.

    •  Lots of laughs....really. 

      — Karen Tenza on Apr 15, 2013.

    •  Beth is an amazing, colorful, talented, original, and truly joyful LY leader....she walks the walk 

      — Domi on Apr 15, 2013.


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    beth k bongar
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    Laughter Yoga techniques are great tools for coping with Stress.
    Perfect for people of all ages.
    Breathwork and extended laughter provide a physical way to release stress. The concept of Laughter Yoga is based on the scientific fact that the body cannot differentiate between fake and real laughter.
    One gets the same physiological and psychological benefits.
    No sense of humor or jokes required. No mat required.
    Please sign up on


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  • Beth Bongar

    I am sending you all many laughs and hugs . Come and Dance laugh and play ! YEAH!!!!

    Wednesday, 28 May 2014 03:31:29

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