Benefits of Laughter Clubs

  • Spiritual Benefits of Laughter Clubs

    In addition to providing a positive and secure emotional environment, Laughter Clubs promote personal happiness in many ways. The positive and happy attitude from Laughter Clubs is spread through the mechanism of emotional contagion to others that we have contact with. This is not limited to just friends, family and co-workers but also includes social contacts and even people they sit next to in a bus or in a restaurant, taxi drivers and many others.

    Their caring, empathetic manner touches all the people they interact with and thus the benefits just continue to grow. The emotional problems and selfish interests fall away through laughter, and caring and there is a kind of inner joy that fills the heart.

    This ‘inner spirit of laughter’ becomes apparent to some as they develop a state of emotional fluidity where the worries and intense goals that have driven their lives become less important to them. These people become aware that true happiness comes from giving unconditional love, caring and sharing, and working to make the world a better place not only for themselves but for all others.

    Practice of Laughter Yoga

    Besides fulfilling social needs and creating meaningful relationships, Laughter Clubs promote the practice of Laughter Yoga, a new exercise routine developed by Dr. Kataria. This is a complete workout for wellness. It combines laughter with Deep Yogic Breathing to boost to good health. Not dependent on humor, laughter is simulated physically, but it soon turns into real and contagious laughter with eye contact and childlike playfulness.

    Laughter Clubs - Connecting People

    Unconditional Laughter connects people from different cultures, countries, no matter what language they speak or how they live. The goal of Laughter Yoga is to connect people with one another at heart level without judgment. It promotes a strong union between those who laugh together resulting in family-like bonds, providing social interaction and networking --- essential for happiness.

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